Regulations for Authentication and Inclusion in the Archive
of Works by Alberto Savinio

1) Procedure

The Alberto Savinio Archive carries out the authentication and inclusion in the Archive of his works, amongst other services.

The following procedure must be followed in order to obtain the relative declaration, which will be issued on the back of a photograph of the work, and the consequent inclusion of the work of art in the Archive, if it is recognised as authentic:

The request must be sent on paper by mail to “Alberto Savinio Archive”, via Capo le Case 4, 00187 Rome, Italy.  The following materials and documents should be included:

a) A fully completed copy of the “Authentication Application Form” (downloadable from this website).

b) 3 colour photographs of the front of the work (18x24 cm approx.);

- 1 colour photograph of the back of the work (18x24 cm approx.);

- 1 photograph of the signature and/or any inscriptions on the work or the canvas, if present;

- high resolution digital files (minimum 300 dpi) of each photograph in jpg format on a CD or DVD .

The aforesaid photographic material will not be returned and will be conserved by the Archive.

c) A receipt of bank transfer, for the relevant fee foreseen under the heading “Contribution to Expenses”, to:

Archivio Alberto Savinio

Monte dei Paschi di Siena

IBAN: IT 98 I 01030 03204 000063250315

d) Fiscal data of the invoice recipient (name and surname or company name, address, VAT number and/or Tax Code).

Please note that the Archive will not begin the evaluation of the work of art unless all requested materials and documents are received.

The Archive, upon satisfactory examination of the documentation, will contact the applicant (unless an examination of the photographs is sufficient to prove non-authenticity) in order to arrange the delivery of the artwork (accompanied by the “Artwork Delivery Form”, downloadable from this website) to permit examination and direct analysis of the work. The Archive will only keep the work for the time strictly necessary for the said direct analysis and the applicant is responsible for its immediate collection (usually the same day) upon notice, possibly via email, from the Archive. Should the applicant fail to collectthe work, the Archive will be exonerated of any responsibility regarding the custody of that work and, ten days after the warning, can apply a penalty of 100,00 Euros each day until the artwork is collected.        

If the Scientific Committee deems the work to meet all the necessary requirements to prove its undoubted authenticity, a declaration of authenticity on a photograph will be provided, signed by the President of the Archive and this will be included in the Alberto Savinio Archive.

Otherwise, the Archive will communicate in writing to the applicant that the declaration of authenticity cannot be issued nor in consequence can the work be included in the Archive, due to the lack of the necessary requirements.

The opinion of the Archive is discretionary and unchallengeable. The applicant must therefore accept the reply of the Archive regarding the issuance of a declaration of authenticity or its denial (due to the failure to attribute the work to Alberto Savinio and consequent refusal to include it in the Archive) and must expressly renounce any expectation and/or legal action against the Alberto Savinio Archive and/or its components in relation to their refusal to accept the work in the Archive and/or issue a declaration of authenticity.

The Archive will not effect any economic evaluation of works submitted to its attention for possible authentication, nor of any other work of Alberto Savinio.

The Archive is the copyright holder for all works of Alberto Savinio.

2)  Contribution to expenses

- The financial contribution to the authentication process and consequent inclusion in the Archive is €1.000,00 for works on canvas, particle board, pre-prepared canvas, masonite or other rigid support and € 500,00 for works on paper, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, etc..

It is stipulated that these fees, which as mentioned must bedeposited before the examination of the work can begin, are payable in any case as a flat rate amount for the examination of the work. The Archive will not, therefore, be liable to refund the sum even partially to the applicant in the case of a decision of non authenticity.

- In the case of works already archived, for which the relative declaration has been lost, it is not possible to receive a duplicate. The Archive is however able to provide an attestation that the work in question is included in the Alberto Savinio Archive and its archive number.

The fee to be paid to the Archive for this attestation is € 200,00, for which the receipt of bank transfer should be attached to the request.